Service Offerings


Service Offering

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • The sourcing of new and used vehicles through all Barloworld Motor Retail dealerships nationally, representing a wide variety of brands through one centralised point of contact.
  • The supply of vehicles at a uniform pricing structure, determined by the relationship between Barloworld Motor Retail and our customers
  • A centralised & single point of invoice, regardless of vehicles purchased. This is the most convenient and stable method of keeping all the administration through a single point, and also allows the possibility of having a single vendor number for all vehicles purchased.
  • Competitive pricing on a consistent basis including any manufacturer assistance applicable from time to time.
  • A seamless and productive procurement solution for customers
  • A highly ethical unbiased level of service and advice.
  • Fast and efficient service nationally.
  • Highly discounted pricing on value added products such as Safety Film, vehicle tracking units & various other vehicle accessories.


  • Procurement

Barloworld Fleet Marketing can offer a full spectrum procurement solution. We offer this service free of charge and encompass all the Barloworld Motor brands as well as outside brands. We offer a single point of contact for sourcing, negotiate the best and applicable pricing and assist in the location of stock in all areas. This service can also be extended to Service, Parts and Labour Rates.

In collaboration with your companies procurement managers, BFM will also do regular forecast updates to assist with stock and locating available units for you.

  • Centralised Invoicing

Barloworld Fleet Marketing functions on centralised invoicing system, whereby you will have a single point of invoice, regardless of vehicles purchased. This is a most convenient and stable method of keeping all the administration through a single point. We have an internal system which will allow you to benefit from our B-BBEE status on all purchases should this be required.

  • Pricing

Barloworld Fleet Marketing will put in a competitive pricing structure for your company and will interface with the Manufactures to offer the best assistance on your behalf.

  • Special Offers

BFM, through the Account Manager, will communicate vehicle special offers to you via an agreed upon communication channel on a regular basis. This will include manufacturer pricing, run-out models, and any other vehicle benefits that may be attractive to the your company

  • Optimotive

Barloworld Fleet Marketing also focus on creating employee value through offering them competitive pricing on new and used vehicles, as well as assisting with market advice, arranging demo’s at their work premises.

  • Disposal

Barloworld Fleet Marketing offer customers an opportunity of selling their vehicles via our online auction site. With more than 3000 dealers competing against each other for the vehicles our customers have seen a substantial increase in the return for their used cars.


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